What is Fitness Based Yoga?

Fitness Based Yoga is a physical discipline that uses the body and breathing to develop muscle strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus.

At Pause and Breathe Yoga Fitness LLC we use the concepts and skills of relaxation, breathing and stress reduction to offer a gentle, nontraditional yoga-style . Incorporating easy to learn poses for individuals of all fitness levels. In addition to gentle yoga for reducing the effects of stress and tension, we also offer a vigorous active power yoga workout integrating strength and flexibility. Private training and a variety of other fitness classes are available at the Deerfield Township New Jersey studio.
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Our South Jersey Corporate Yoga Wellness At Work programs are designed to de-stress your entire staff while alleviating muscle tension and physical discomfort from work related duties. These sessions are conducted on location at your place of business and are available to companies in South Jersey and Philadelphia.
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The in-home Yoga Party plan is perfect for de-stressing yourself and your friends at the end of the work week. This gentle yoga and relaxation session takes place in your home on a Friday night with all of your stressed out friends as your guest. Relax, renew and rejuvenate.You'll feel as if you've just had a therapeutic massage.
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Good Reasons to Try Yoga

  • 1

    Yoga is not just for athletes, popstars and supermodels! Yoga is for everyone: young or old, male or female, healthy or sick. Yoga can always be adapted to your individual needs, whatever your circumstances.

  • 2

    Even if you are facing many challenges in life, it is easy to start doing yoga and you will experience instant benefits, such as stress-relief. Furthermore, once you begin to practice regularly, yoga will help you to live your life with renewed positivity and enthusiasm.

  • 3Yoga is safe. Where other forms of exercise might put a strain on your heart, muscles and joints, yoga, practiced properly (with awareness to your physical limitations), is a completely harmless form of exercise.
  • 4Yoga needs no special equipment. While there are a few props that might make your practice more comfortable, the only thing you need in order to do yoga is you.
  • 5Yoga both tones the respiratory system and helps you to breathe more fully, deeply and easily (thus increasing your oxygen intake), which in turn, will improve your physical and mental well-being.

  • More Benefits of Yoga

  • Increases muscle flexibility and strength
    Improves digestion and normalizes gastrointestinal function
    Decreases stress , anxiety and depression
    Improves mood and sense of well being
    Improves sleep
    Increases energy level
    Decreases joint and back pain
    Decreases muscle tension
    Improves posture
    Removes toxins
    Improves immunity
    Increases Endocrine function

South Jersey Corporate Yoga

Wellness At Work Programs
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Balance comes with time and practice

Remembering this will help enhance not only your yoga practice but other areas of your life as well. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced student practicing your balancing poses daily will increase confidence and encourage the building of a complete routine.

Try doing Tree pose while waiting for your coffee to brew or until your lunch is finished warming in the microwave .